Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worth Your Time and Dollar: Dave Cooper

Kind of an uneventful day that didn't exactly spark anything new, which made me realize I hadn't done one of these "WYT&D" posts in over a month.

One of my favourite comics creators who it seems we've lost to the world of fine art prints, Dave Cooper's comics are wonderfully perverse, revealing a painful awareness of the body, beautiful drawn and realized images that aren't for everyone.

Maybe I just have missed it, but Cooper seems to be not as talked about as his some of his Canadian cohorts (Chester Brown, Seth, Dave Sim, and Joe Matt has been long on the west coast in the States but I think forever linked to Toronto and 'the group'). Maybe it has something to do with a giant invisible dome blocking out the signal over Ottawa, or something...


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Alan David Doane said...

Cooper's stuff is fantastic, and Ripple is a genuine artcomix classic. I think no one talks about him much anymore because he more or less left comics behind to work on his paintings and career as a fine artist.